An athletic family in Zenkino, Moscow, has been given a multifunctional pavilion that allows them to integrate nature and sport into everyday life.

Russian architect Peter Kostelov designed the pavilion on a NTV channel program called Dachniy Otvet, during which he met the client only once. He then had to create the structure based on client’s desires; the entire process was filmed and once complete, customers are invited to view and evaluate the work.

Kostelov says the clients – a young family – enjoyed summer recreation, gardening and athletics. They also entertain and their teenage children host frequent impromptu youth parties. Kostelov’s solution was designing an open-air pavilion with a unique systems that integrates exterior and interior. The home is divided into five zones: the pool, deck, kitchen and dining room, gym and observation point.

‘The project lives as double functional one: on the one hand it returns to nature, and on the other it protects the user from the wind, rain and sun heat,’ Kostelov says. ‘These two interworking forms have subtle boundaries and complement each other, working as an all-in-one project.’

Photos courtesy Zinon Razutdinov.