The first US location for Other Criteria, an arts-based publishing company founded by British artist Damien Hirst has touched down in SoHo. The double-storey 3000-ft2 flagship by London-based Michel Schranz Design & Architecture (MS-DA) features monolithic displays for books and sculptures by Damien Hirst alongside a host of additional artists. Glass-enclosed cases present Hirst's jewellery line produced in collaboration with Los Angeles-based Hoorsenbuhs.

The lower level gallery doubles as a communal event space ready to be activated with exhibitions and screenings. To ensure the interior's flexibility for the wide range of uses, the illumination specialists at Delta Light were summoned to implement a beautiful and adaptable lighting scheme. A diverse selection of efficient LEDs place an emphasis on optimal colour rendering to best portray the vibrancy of the artworks. Suspended from the ceiling, rectangular Supernova luminaires run down the length of the space in rows for a graphic statement.

Dimmable track fixtures provide an adjustable layer of lighting which easily navigates around ducts and service elements. The circular Supernova XS fixture offers indirect illumination while direct light beams are cast upon wall-mounted prints with Ultra Twin point source luminaires. In the basement, a surface-mounted version of the fixtures keeps head space.