Nana's Green Tea is a Japanese teahouse chain that sweeps away the old-fashioned image of the beverage by offering guests trendy treats such as matcha latte (a drink made with powdered tea and milk).

The chain’s popularity is growing so fast that dozens of outlets have popped up across Japan and even China. At the Ario shopping centre in Okayama Prefecture, Nana's Green Tea boasts an interior realized by a team under the supervision of Masahiro Yoshida, the head of Kamitopen Design.

He says he was inspired by Okayama’s famous Korakuen Garden and its teahouses, where the traditional tea ceremony takes place. To represent the garden’s mountainous surroundings, Yoshida used large curving elements of painted steel sheet. Those rising from the floor function as partitions, and those hanging from the ceiling evoke an undulating mountain range blocking a full view of the sky.

‘The two are coupled to create images between mountains and sky,’ says the architect of his contemporary tea-ceremony venue, where visitors experience a sense of depth that reflects the ‘borrowed landscape’ of Korakuen.

Photos courtesy of Keisuke Miyamoto