SEOUL – In front of Seoul's Myeongdong Theatre, a massive cardboard box occupied a 24-sq-m footprint for 17 days last summer.

An Urbantainer shipping container turned pop-up store showcased the mobile app services of Naver, the most popular web portal of South Korea. The store, designed using hydraulic systems, was furnished inside as though a cardboard box that was playfully decorated with labels, letterings and symbols.

‘We designed this oversized box using a one-material approach,’ the architects say. ‘Naver App Square was an offline space containing a wide range of contents and was configured to experience music and apps offered by Naver.’

Visitors passing the massive box were suddenly introduced to a unique ‘wonderland space’ populated by chairs, tables, loudspeakers – all made from paper and cardboard.

Naver App-Square has been awarded an If Design Award 2012 in the communication category. It was designed by Jiwon Baik, Younjin Jeong, Gayoung Lee and Evan D. Hall, with graphic design by NHN Corp.

Photos courtesy of NHN Corp