HONG KONG – Handcrafted, ornate umbrellas presented within lavish glass displays characterise the façade of what appears to be a high-end umbrella shop. On entering the Foxglove store, the illusion continues. Here, glass wall cabinets present more umbrellas, like the precious untouchable artefacts of a museum exhibit. A language of dark timber and brass exudes exclusivity. Though in actual fact, the shop hides a secret which is only revealed to Hong Kong’s most elite. For those who make the grade, a hidden doorway is exposed, leading to a high-class lounge and bar.

Hong Kong-based NC Design & Architecture was inspired by the globe-trotting adventures of a British gentleman and identifies the design as ‘paying homage to quintessential British heritage’. The experience of entering into the hidden bar as guests leave the street behind is one of being taken on a voyage to another world. In the main lounge there is a sculptural, lacquered ceiling that flows down to cover the walls giving the appearance of a luxurious cruise-ship interior. Sumptuous, ink-blue leather seating injects rich colour into the space, whilst refined brass details complete the scheme.

The VIP area is concealed behind a secret doorway, leading to an interior which is reminiscent of a classic car. Blood-red leather couches contrast against the cream walls and ceiling. Black umbrellas run rhythmically along two walls, referencing the exterior façade. For some clientele of the Foxglove, a VIP room is simply not enough – only accessed by the elite of the elite is a hidden WIP room – the interior of which has not been revealed to us.

Photos courtesy of Dennis Lo Designs


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