At this summer’s Roskilde Festival, visual artist Marcos Zotes transformed a 12-m-high scaffolding structure into a fully-immersive experience of light in the heart of the Art Zone.

With a series of live, generative visuals, this structure becomes a vivid and unique universe of 3D light architecture. Iceland-based Zotes and his studio Unstable is fond of colonising urban environments and challenging the conventions of public space. By staging interventions in ordinary city structures using everyday materials – like scaffolding – he explores the social and political aspects of architecture in relation to the urban context.

Unstable was established by Zotes in New York in 2012 and operates from Reykjavik in Iceland. It is a platform for multidisciplinary collaboration that focuses on public space, architecture and urban research.

Images courtesy of the artist.


Further light installations and other illuminating projects will feature in our forthcoming book – Bright 2. We are still seeking submissions of work to be showcased in this book. If you have a project you would like to share with us, please let us know!