With beaches closed, distancing restrictions in place at parks and summer events being cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, residential outdoor spaces will play an important role in leisure activities (and helping people maintain their wellbeing) this year. Some are taking this time to exercise their green thumb; others finally have the opportunity to take to the hammock with the book they’ve had on their list for months. But as the mosquitoes make their return and the deck chairs’ wood starts to splinter, how can one turn their outdoor space into a space for living? The team at Italian brand Corradi asked themselves this question while developing Imago, a self-sufficient outdoor structure.

For those seeking ways to break the barrier between the indoors and out in the name of reaping the myriad mental and physical benefits of time spent in nature, Imago is an answer. The structure, which won this year's Red Dot Award for product design, can be modified in limitless ways, depending on what the user is looking for. Three variants – Imago Feeling Good, Imago Gourmet and Imago Dreaming – allow users to introduce wellness spaces, kitchens and bedrooms to their outdoor environments. An add-on closet module, multiple side-closure configurations and flooring surfaces are among the customization options that Corradi created for Imago. These elements, considered in tandem, turn the system into a hyper-personalized refuge.

Integration, flexibility and continuity are at the heart of the structure’s design – Imago’s platforms, pillars and beams are constructed in harmony. The exterior can be designed in a different hue than the interior, for a two-tone effect. Positioned at a cross-section of 15x15 cm, the pillars accommodate both water drainage and maximum screen enclosure. Furthermore, Imago’s blades can be adjusted at 135° and fitted with dimmable LED lighting. This modular lighting is also able to be installed in the structure’s gutter – effectively, its internal perimeter – providing an immersive, atmospheric ambience.

Whatever an outdoor escape means to you, Imago creates the space for from the comfort, privacy and safety of home. ‘The basic idea that guided Imago’s development is the need to transcend the concept of an outdoor product,’ says Corradi CEO Raf Segers, ‘and enter the dimension of a place that can be fully lived in outdoors. It's something that goes beyond both the concepts of product and space.’