After evaluating the current state of the beauty and hairdressing industry, Japanese cosmetics manufacturer Takara Belmont envisioned a salon experience where quality isn’t compromised by speed and efficiency. As people are visiting the hair salon more and more infrequently, 3/30 is a mobile 1.8-sq-m cubicle unit that strives to encourage customers to come in every three weeks.

Actualized by Nendo, the speedy salon offers clients a monofunctional service – haircut, colour or treatment – in the short time of 30 minutes.

Nendo designed the units with locations such as the corner of hair salons, trains and shopping malls in mind, using steel frames which create a sensation of floating while enabling 3/30 to blend in with any type of space. And in keeping with the digital age, sensors on the exterior of the unit facilitate bookings and payments via mobile phone. The addition of transparent refrigerated casing for the storage of cosmetics takes inspiration from the way restaurants display their wines, taking pride in their wine cellars as an ostentatious showcase of luxury.