HONG KONG – Neri&Hu’s design for Bloomberg’s offices promotes social interaction among employees. The Shanghai-based design firm looked to the original sculptural staircase to prompt the solution and, inspired by its ability to initiate spontaneous and informal encounters, fashioned a modern architectural replacement.

The reinvented staircase not only acts as a spacious journey for its employees but also mirrors its local surroundings. Elements such as platforms, built-in seating and strategic window framing are used to depict Hong Kong’s natural landscape and urban terrain. Curiously though, the structure and wooden box intersection obstructs the view to Victoria Harbour, a view that is highly sought after and captured in the majority of Hong Kong’s corporate offices.

Spanning 26 floors, the staircase’s bespoke details fulfil the varying functions of each floor. Placing the recording studio next to the conference room could have created excessive noise, for example, so the designers created an introverted space to solve the issue of acoustic containment and visual privacy. Additionally, users can discover ‘hidden’ details in the seating, such as small wood and bronze panels that fold out to reveal charging ports, mirrors and functional ledges.