Having already blown up in Berlin, Hasselt and Moscow, Net recently travelled to Yokohama – 21 to 25 October. Developed by Austro-Croatian design collective Numen/For Use, this floating landscape suspends multiple layers of flexible netting in an encased bubble. The interactive environment is what the designers call an op-art social sculpture or community hammock. The entire construction inflates until the outer surface reaches adequate solidity. With no added structural support, Net expresses instability, levitation and regression.

The latest iteration sat along Yokohama’s dramatic harbour. The outer membrane acted like a soft box diffuser of exterior light. Illuminated at night, Net became a projected screen. With visitors entrapped in an internal maze of nets, shadows resembled theatrical performances.

Comprised of Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radelijkovic, the collective has developed scenographic, spatial design and conceptual art projects since 1998. Working outside the sphere of industrial design, the trio explores high modernist themes and the impersonality of radical form reduction. Their installations have no predefined functions. Gaining recognition over the years, Numen/For Use frequently exhibits at Z33 in Hasselt, London’s Design Museum and the Danish Design Centre in Copenhagen. Transcending the art and design worlds, the collective has also been involved in numerous industry events throughout Europe.

Photos Tomohisa Tasho