At Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, speakers at the special edition of Ninety Minutes of Frame assessed the evolution and current state of Dutch Design. In the shadow of the Dutch Design Awards exhibition, Robert Thiemann, Niels Hoebers, Mark Woerde, Johan Wagenaar and Liselore Frowijn gave their perspectives on the night's pertinent subject.

Frame Magazine's editor-in-chief Robert Thiemann opened the evening identifying Dutch Design's DNA from his perspective. 'Dutch Design is first and foremost related to Droog'. Following the Memphis movement, the design collective set the stage in the 90s by 'redesigning existing objects' and redefining concepts. The individuals scouted by Droog laid a strong foundation with furniture that 'is recognizable as furniture but redefines what a chair can look like'. In the early 2000s, Moooi picked up where Droog left off by putting concepts into production, supporting the idea that design is about 'making a splash and about making something special in your living room'.

Electrician-turned-animator Niels Hoebers began by stating: 'I see myself as a kind of actor with stage fear'. He shared his earliest experience which drew him towards his craft, a flea-market bought six million dollar man doll from his mother which was in desperate need of a wardrobe. Hoebers reminisced his mother made the doll's clothes and then quickly confided: 'my mom is still making puppet clothes.' For his projects, he tries to animate characters to life through a process of making drawings, prototyping, storyboards, sets and playing with light. 'Use your imagination as much as possible and dream as much as possible'.

Mark Woerde of LEMZ shared the unconventional beginning of his DDA-winning project Sweetie. He confidently stated: 'Anyone could have come up with Sweetie – I am convinced of this –  but there is one thing missing from the creative toolbox of modern creativity.' The process started with some online research into the sex tourism industry, which made his team acutely aware of the thousands of children in front of webcams for the sole purpose of sex tourism. 'We became so committed. How can we stop this.' Upon discovering only six predators had been convicted of the crime, LEMZ channeled their creative thinking to find a way to increase this number and then Sweetie was born.

ONSBANK creator Johan Wagenaar shared interviews and research which led to the conception of the unique type of cooperative bank which helps young people eliminate their debts and get their lives on a positive financial track.

Fashion designer Liselore Frowijn explained how she 'wanted to create a collection that would be my personal painting'. The result – Afternoon of a Replicant – became an eclectic play on the foreground and the background. Her colourful graduation collection took the stage, enlivening the industrial interior of the TAB Building at Strijp-T.

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