A few weeks ago, we shared what we called a ‘warm and sculpted space,’ a secondary school in Australia featuring sculptural tubular elements placed in sinuous continuation. Turns out, the mystery material was a large load of cleverly used cheap cardboard tubes, treated in a way that could weather interior use.

Add the new ChiChi 4U Batorego restaurant to the list of ‘Clever uses of cheap tubular materials.’ The designers behind Mode:lina took nearly 300 PVC pipes straight from a building supplies warehouse and, left untreated, used them to cover the walls and ceilings of the 40-sq-m space in varying compositions.

The hamburger spot is located in Batorego, a mostly residential and quickly gentrifying district in the northern part of Poznań. The ChiChi 4U chain has other locations throughout the city, in more traditional dining drives, featuring a recognizable replicable interior made up of black tiles, wood accessories and dark corrugated metal sheets. But in order to give diners a reason for the detour, they gave this location made this location particularly photogenic.

And that’s how you rethink an inexpensive old material for a new restaurant.