POTSDAM – German based NPS Tchoban Voss completed the construction of a private residence located in a small clearing in Wilhelmshorst near Potsdam. Designed for a family with children, the minimal and modern structure is characterised by a stirring overhang.

Set back and nestled amidst the trees, the building emerges as two distinctive volumes stacked on top of each other. The red brick-base accommodates the public spaces while, at the same time, supporting the overhanging lightweight steel structure, which accommodates the bedrooms. Despite being an unusual structure for the neighbourhood, the house’s materials weave its unique form into the surrounding urban fabric.

‘On the south side, the wide cantilever creates a framed areaway, which can be used for multiple purposes and visually resembles a passe partout,’ state the architects. The front façade is defined by a dense brick wall contrasting with the openness created by the large windows on the sides and the back of the house. Inside, the uncluttered white spaces are rather reserved and focus only on important details. An elegant white spiral staircase unites the floors together and leads to the roof terrace set atop the ground level volume.

Photos of Martin Tervoort