I do not expect to be a mother but I do expect to die alone is the first solo exhibition in the UK by New York-based artist Agata Olek.

Originally born in Poland, Olek is famous for using crocheted yarn in her work. At Tony’s Gallery in London, the artist created a major exhibition filling the gallery’s walls and floors with her crocheted art.

Among other designs, Olek used her trademark colourful camouflage motif. Common household objects were completely covered by yarn, creating a floor-to-ceiling ‘crocheted’ environment in the gallery.

Explicit written messages cover several of the crocheted pieces; these phrases were text messages received by the artist during previous relationships. ‘The viewer thus becomes witness to Olek’s personal history as she continues her exploration of modern day concerns,’ says a spokes-person from the gallery, ‘touching upon the themes of privacy, technology and communication.’

Olek’s theatrical work often includes live performances when she dresses in crocheted yarn – a duality between fiction and reality.

The exhibition will run until 23 March, 2012.

Photos courtesy Tony’s Gallery.

Tony’s Gallery
68 Sclater St.
London E1 6HR