Geometrical forms are the crux of an apartment building in Shiga, Japan, where the triangular structure is comprised of square shapes.

The apartments sit on a triangular lot at a ‘fork in the road,’ where two streets meet at an acute angle. Rising four stories – or 13m high – the building has two housing units on the first, second and third floors, plus one unit on the fourth floor.

‘Exterior walls are made out of square cut stone, concrete and glass formed like scattered cards,’ says architect Anna Nakamura of Eastern Design Office. ‘The edge of the triangular pyramid is like a wrecked boat, a fictional tip of a boat as if it were escaping from town.’

Nakamura says the precise edge of the building makes you feel as though you can’t proceed further. ‘It’s a place to make the town to be nowhere but only here and it makes you feel like a distinguished person,’ she explains.

The building is located in an industrial area of Shiga called Youkaichi City that’s also busy with bars and restaurants.

Photo courtesy Koichi Torimura.