Onania, Jan Manski’s first solo exhibition, appeared earlier this year at the Breese Little Gallery in London.

For the occasion, the Polish artist showcased the haunting universe he has been building since graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2010. In the words of the artist, Onania is ‘a home for the relentlessly pleasure-seeking self.’

Manski’s sculptures and installations stood in dramatic contrast to the exhibition setting. Composed of synthetic and organic materials, the artist’s horrifying assemblages ranged from mannequins spewing fat reclaimed from liposuction clinics to hideous creatures crawling off a plastic surgeon’s operating chair. As revolting as these hybrids were, the surrounding scenography at Breese Little was rendered bland by an all-encompassing pink, an accommodating hue that hinted at a hallucinatory, sanitized state of happiness.

Reminiscent of work by Francis Bacon and David Cronenberg, Masnki's art is inspired by both the classical paintings of Bosch and Brueghel and the world of fashion. ‘I have friends in the fashion industry,’ he says, ‘and I got to know how cruel its second face can be.’

Photos courtesy Tom Horak.

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