YEOSU – Austrian architecture firm Soma has realized the pavilion design for the World EXPO, opening today in Yeosu, South Korea.

Inspired by the expo’s theme – The Living Ocean and Coast – the architects created a multi-layered structure with a colossal curving roof and undulating side panels. Somewhat resembling a living sea creature, the façade boasts twisting surfaces in horizontal and vertical orientations.

‘Towards the sea the conglomeration of solid concrete cones define a new meandering coastline, a soft edge that is in constant negotiation between water and land,’ says architect Stefan Rutzinger of Soma.

The biomimetic kinetic façade is constantly changing as its 108 lamellas shift throughout the day. The system resembles water running over the length of building, as the lamellas perform choreographic movements.

Soma won an international competition in 2009 to realize the pavilion. The EXPO 2012 site is located in a former industrial harbor in Yeosu.  

EXPO 2012 opens today and will run until 12 August.

Photos courtesy of Soma