A collaboration between Felix & Foam, Frame and Foyer has led to a fruitful venue for art, culture and events to flourish. This creative centre is positioned in the historic Felix Meritis building along one of Amsterdam's main canals. Frame will open a pop-up store over two floors, which will host exhibitions, fashion, design, video, performances and more. Local outfit i29's contemporary intervention of reflective partition walls complements the grandeur of the Felix Meritis building's Zuilenzaal interior by reflecting 18th century era columns and architectural details.

Experience the magazine in three dimensions and become immersed into the creative and innovative design world. Celebrate beauty, functionality and accessibility through timeless products. Becoming a hub for presenting new talent, products and brands from diverse genres, the space will host fashion, art and design alongside media, beauty and food throughout its six month presence.

This new creative platform will open its doors on 17 April, enlivening the monumental Felix Meritis residence at 324 Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. All are welcome to attend the festive opening which begins at 6pm.

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