Studio O+A, known for its office designs for many San Francisco-based start-ups and Internet-based companies, has added OpenTable to its portfolio.

Provider of online restaurant reservations, OpenTable wanted a space that would reflect its passion for restaurants. Studio O+A was also asked to provide a design that promotes collaboration and encourages people to move around an interact, to transform a traditional financial district office into something less traditional, and to make efficient use of the space.

‘OpenTable has a very food-centric culture,’ says O+A principal Denise Cherry. ‘Everything they do is tied to restaurants, dining, and food – so how do you take restaurant design and bring it to an office?’

Like starting a recipe, O+A began by preparing the ingredients: natural light; clean, uncluttered surfaces; multilayered sightlines; a palette of bright hues; playful picnic-inspired graphics; and a number of different gathering spots.

‘OpenTable deals with many different cuisines and lots of different styles of restaurants, so we wanted that variety reflected in the office,’ says Cherry. ‘The various spaces are not over-the-top themed, but each has its own style. Different conversations work better in different spaces.’

Photos Jasper Sanidad