Optique Ampère is a high-end optical shop in Grenoble, France. Owner Thomas Dupré called on designer Cyrille Druart to come up with an original concept, which he did with straight lines and symmetrical forms creating a unique sentiment.

Druart decided to work on both the interior and exterior design simultaneously, in order to shape a plunging perspective visible from the street and catch the attention of passers-by. The shop is located in a new residential building, and the starting point of the design was found in an existing oblique beam made of exposed concrete. The overall formal concept ensued, and is echoed in the slanted walls.

The interior uses a fluid formal language, and gives the visitor a step-by-step itinerary of the products, paced by dynamic-shaped furniture throughout. The guiding principle inside is easily noticeable, with an all-white display unit running along the walls. This design aspect provides a frame to the shop and visual continuity with the street outside. The central display is completely fabricated from a glass structure and is reminiscent of optical transparency.

Images courtesy of Cyrille Druart