You know the drill: the confines of the Milan Design Week expand every year, and your Fear of Missing Out grows along with it. We’ve put together a series of lists, by category, to help you better navigate the maelstrom, from the hallways of Rho Fiera to the hidden corners of Tortona.

Here is the first in our series: it’s a list of spaces that are better experienced not via images, but in person, as they require more than one sense to be properly appreciated.

WHAT: Tides
WHO: NOROO via Kwangho Lee x Wang&Söderström
HOW: Think the entire world acts crazy when there’s a particular type of moon? Wait until you enter this tribute to our satellite force, by way of a low tide made up of seats, light and colour.
WHERE: Ventura Centrale
ADDRESS: Via Ferrante Aporti 11

WHAT: A Pinnacle of Reflections
WHO: 3M Design via Matteo Thun
HOW: Inspired by the rare blue morphic butterfly behind 3M’s optical film technology, the collaborators are using enveloping rays of light crossing multilayered films to signal the evolution from a caterpillar to its winged iteration.
WHERE: Superstudio Più 
ADDRESS: Via Tortona 27

WHAT:  MaterialMessage
WHO: Laufen via Snarkitecture
HOW: This is a 200-sq-m itinerary that goes from raw material to finished product by way of what Laufen calls ‘an experiential itinerary.’
WHERE: Teatro Arsenale
ADDRESS: Via C. Correnti 11

WHAT: Sound & Vision
HOW: Along with research centre EPFL, ECAL Lab is using odd sounds – think ringing bells – to awaken visceral reactions to designed spaces.
WHERE: Spazio Orso 16
ADDRESS: Via dell’Orso 16

From top to bottom: Tides and A Pinnacle of Reflections

WHAT: Emergence of Form
WHO: AGC via Keita Suzuki
HOW: Bring your childlike glee to discover just how large a bubble can get – except that, instead of soap and water, this one is made of the 3D-printable Brightorb material and also involves ceramics.
WHERE: Ventura Centrale
ADDRESS: Via Ferrante Aporti 13

WHAT: A Space for Being
WHO: Google Design Studio via Muuto and Reddymade Architecture
HOW: We already knew spatial design can have a strong impact on one’s emotions and productivity, but can that impact be quantified? Leave it to Google and its neuroaesthetics wearables experiment, with visitors as test subjects, to find an answer.
WHERE: Spazio Maiocchi
ADDRESS: Via Achille Maiocchi 7

WHAT: Raytrace
WHO: Cosentino via Benjamin Hubert
HOW: Dekton is an ultracompact yet strong surface. Raytrace is a 25-metre long and 6-metre high triangular passage made of said surface. As visitors walk through it, a caustic pattern dances along with the reflections of their shadows.
WHERE: Ventura Centrale
ADDRESS: Via Ferrante Aporti 27

WHAT: Interfaces
WHO: Dassault Systemes via Morphosis
HOW: Digital projections featuring real data from Morphosis’ previous projects go through some augmented-reality digestion in order to showcase the multilateral decisions that lead to solving the complex issues that affect urban environments.
WHERE: Superstudio Più 
ADDRESS: Via Tortona 27

From top to bottom: Emergence of Form, A Space for Being and Interfaces

WHAT: Unfluencer
WHO: Freitag via Georg Lendorff
HOW: This one is about ‘lousy design and other crimes.’ Ha. Bad design is a sin, and Freitag is promising a tongue-in-cheek installation to de-sin designers from their ‘stupid, unnecessary and unsustainable’ bad deeds.
WHERE: Ventura Centrale
ADDRESS: Via Ferrante Aporti 23

WHAT: Bodies in Motion
WHO: Humanscale via Todd Bracher and Studio TheGreenEyl
HOW: Using digital projections, body sensors and 15 beams of light, this installation is a visual metaphor of Humanscale’s commitment to an ergonomic approach to design.
WHERE: Ventura Centrale
ADDRESS: Via Ferrante Aporti 29

WHAT: Affinity in Autonomy
WHO: Sony
HOW: Are you afraid of robots taking away a particular aspect of your life? Sony wants to challenge that dystopian view of the near future by asking visitors to experience robotics through emotion and ‘a feeling of vitality.’
WHERE: Spazio Zegna
ADDRESS: Via Savona 56/A

WHAT: Tell Me More
WHO: Rapt Studio
HOW: What does connection look like? By entering this two-part installation featuring questions posed by a chain of strangers, Rapt promises that visitors will ‘arrive as individuals and leave as part of something larger.’
WHERE: Ventura Centrale
ADDRESS: Via Ferrante Aporti 15bis

From top to bottom: Unfluencer, Bodies in Motion, Affinity in Autonomy and Tell Me More 

WHAT: Experiential Luxury
WHO: Kohler
HOW: A combination of water, technology, texture and colour helps create a digital garden where visitors can relax and recharge.
WHERE: Palazzo Del Senato
ADDRESS: Via Senato 10

WHAT: Breeze of Light
WHO: Daikin via nendo 
HOW: We seem to take for granted the important of air in how much we enjoy a space, and nendo is aiming to make that tangible by collaborating with an air conditioning equipment manufacturer.
ADDRESS: Via Vigevano 18

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