Like moths to a flame there’s something magnetic about the work of Luzinterruptus. While the light draws the viewer in, the artists layer their work with social commentary to force a dialogue about topical issues. With this installation, the artists ‘wanted to promote the preservation of urban greenery, because if we continue to eradicate it from public spaces or reducing it to inaccessible vertical faces, the only form of contact with nature will be in supermarket refrigerators, packaged with expiry dates. ‘In general, it is more comfortable for city planners to build inhospitable cement spaces, where there is no need for special care, than to design green spaces where the citizens can spend their time and enjoy public places. ‘In addition, we have noticed the increasing proliferation of vertical gardens, which are interesting decoratively speaking, but expensive to maintain and with which the citizens cannot interact or put to real use, (vertical gardens are) a minimal attempt at providing greenery, but in an inaccessible and artificial way… ‘For this installation we used 110 transparent food packaging containers, inside which we put leaves and branches found in the trees in the area and, of course, lights. Afterwards, we placed them on a wall in an ugly square in the center of Madrid and there we left our form of fashionable vertical garden.’