NÎMES – A contemporary music hall in the French city of Nîmes was inspired by the bold energy and aesthetic of a bullfighter.

Paloma, designed for the outskirts of Nîmes by Nantes-based studio TETRARC, is a sprawling complex featuring a theatre hall, offices, dressing rooms and a public square. The exterior, an angular metal form fringed by brown triangulated metal beams is backed by an orb of glass.

The building's interior trades browns and greys for eye-popping bolds: a patio ribbed in a diagonal net of hot pink, a shimmering yellow foyer, and a sumptuous purple concert hall.

The result is a suburban jewel of colour, inspired by the vibrancy of the music scene in the 1960s and 1970s.

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Photos courtesy Stéphane Chalmeau