For the worlds of theatre of fashion, animator Mandy Smith creates videos that transform the simplicity of paper into fantastic and intricate fantasies.

Smith's paper sculptures have gained her various commissions to create commercials, which appear more like graciously animated short films. These fresh videos are the result of a painstakingly detailed process.

Smith's first short filme, The Move (shown above), was inpsired by her moving to Amsterdam. A distorted house is the main character, as is the case in many of her projects. As a result, they seem to belong to a modern ironic fairy tale.

The window installation Odette draws inspiration from Swan Lake. Realized last December for 180 Amsterdam's Open Space, the piece presented to passers-by a dancer surrounded by a paper-world of flora, musical notes and shadows.

Smith's animated paper-worlds can be seen at her Vimeo space.

Photos courtesy of Mandy Smith.