In recent years, artists have embraced paper in the most diverse type of works, from delicate and decorative pieces to functional objects made of recycled paper.

The Paperless exhibition focuses on pieces with deep and conceptual reflections on the symbolic value of paper – a physically and culturally fragile material in our digital era.

Two works by Jude Tallichet and Johannes VanDerBeek directly refer to books, evoking the risk of its decline. Meanwhile, Yuken Teruya creates minuscule paper cuts from paper bags, typically from fast food restaurants. The pieces are delicate and poetic, though an attentive look reveals the brand’s image and opens room for an alternative interpretation.

Paper artifacts are still largely perceived as craft; the exhibition invites visitors to re-consider the place of crafts in society, not only as manual skills but as repositories of cultural reflection and innovation.

Paperless runs until 16 September at SECCA in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Photos courtesy SECCA.

Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art 

750 Marguerite Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27106