SKOPJE – Vienna-based PPAG Architects and local architect, artist and author Milan Mijalkovic recently completed a multi-storey car-park’s façade in Skopje, Macedonia. The project was purchased by public stakeholders following an open architectural competition that rewarded a different proposal.

Parkhaus Skopje’s aesthetic falls under Macedonia’s unique cultural landscape. ‘The proposed façade interprets the wish for a historicist appearance without using an explicit traditional language. It adapts the baroque idea of creating reality by the means of illusive perspective.’

The project – which passed into the hands of a conservative-led right-wing populist government – actually reinterprets the country’s national identity through a Baroque Revival-inspired design mainly because of its strong connotation of power and social impact.

The façade, regardless of its role as a simple protective mantle, brings the architects’ – and especially the politicians’ – vision to life as its design largely determines the construction’s appearance. The multi-layered building envelope consists of light-coloured composite panels fixed to a fairly conventional steel structure.

By day, the sunlight finds its way through the breached surface as to project a shadow on the parked cars. In the evening, the stately car-park turns into a mysterious lantern that emanates a soft and steady glow.

Photos courtesy of Darko Hristov