At CES 2019, home appliances industry leader Haier introduced the world's first series of complete 'one-stop' smart home solutions, including the brand's U+ Smart Life Platform. To reimagine Haier’s flagship experience centre in Shanghai, and to showcase its vanguard technologies, local design studio Spacemen collaborated with engineering, project management, and construction support office Jaxda and the immersive digital experience gurus at Bokeh.

In a crowded shopping area, the Haier Smart Home Experience Centre offers an oasis of calm where customers can focus and engage with brand, products and services. Spacemen layered the façade with translucent polycarbonate panels, creating a minimalist white box that contrasts with nearby storefronts cluttered with posters, signage and advertisements. At night, it becomes a glowing lantern.

At the Haier Smart Home Experience Centre designed by Spacemen, disruptive network-enabled products include the first fibre-detecting washing machine and intelligent multi-zone air conditioner.

Inside the showroom, a 10-m circular atrium and spiral staircase anchor the interiors, surrounded by four LED-paneled columns tattooed with 360-degree cinematic imagery from projectors concealed in the circular white walls. As outside, the interiors feature a pure palette of white terrazzo, recon stone and polished grey mirror, announcing Haier's forward-looking ethos and sleek command of their technologies. 

The experience centre comprises three zones: 'The Smart Home', ' The Future', and the 'Product Experience Zone', with office and staff training areas, meeting rooms, a breakout lounge and kids area tucked amongst them.

Spacemen equipped 'The Smart Home' zone with living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom areas clad in natural oak timber, off-white walls, terrazzo, and privacy-giving foliage and kitted out with Haier’s latest intelligent appliances that communicate with each other, enabling a single centralized control of all devices. 

To create a living space as comfy and organic as it is 'futuristic', Spacemen complimented the minimal high-tehch interiors with privacy-generating foliage and zen gardens, natural oak and terrazzo.

Again, hidden digital screens and projectors fit seamlessly into wall panels and cabinets, activating only when visitors approach and inviting them to interact with the Haier Smart Home Cloud platform in order to access real-time information about the products being monitored and controlled via a smart phone app.

'The Future', is an immersive, motion-activated, multimedia, cinematic experience, where real and virtual elements, scenography and brand communications highlight the latest tech.

The ‘Product Experience Zone’ displays Haier products alongside those of its premium kitchen brand, Casarte, including network-enabled products like the first fibre-detecting washing machine, and the first intelligent multi-zone cooling and heating air conditioner.