In an area described by the city as a ‘high-quality eco-neighbourhood in the centre of Paris’, the 109 apartments of Lot D by Petitdidier Prioux complete the residential complex on the grounds of the former Boucicaut Hospital. The project is the last of eight buildings to be completed as part of the development, which offers a diverse mix of accommodation from social housing and controlled-rent apartments to owned homes and private rentals.

‘Lot D was the final plot to have been put under construction,’ the firm comments. ‘All of the other lots were realised when we were still in the sketching phase and this allowed us to know the context of the neighbourhood in which the project could find its own expression.’ The central apartments are clad in an alternative material of aluminium, which integrated into the main volume.

The old hospital had been part of the area’s identity since it was completed in 1897 and its brick façade inspired the architecture of the project. ‘It was only natural that the last building erected on the site, marking the end of its transformation, should show similar tones to reference the historic continuity of the district,’ the firm continues. The apartments are treated to views over the cityscape by way of private balconies and.

The project includes a traditional sunlit Parisian courtyard – surrounded by four built elevations – which is accessible to the general public as well as being a garden for the residents to enjoy. ‘Being the last building constructed, it seemed important the Lot D did not completely close off the site but left a visual and physical lightness,’ the firm concludes. ‘For that reason, the ground level and the first floor were hollowed out to create a passage and a courtyard at the heart of the project.’
Location 83–85 Rue de Cévennes, Paris, France