The microworld imagined by French photographer Vincent Bousserez is now captured in a book.

Plastic Life gathers images and characters that have populated Bousserez's series since 2008. Using plastic figurines places amongst real objects he creates ironic and poetic scenes. The result is always surprising, sometimes funny, naughty, nostalgic or sweet.

'One day a friend of mine took me to a train model shop,' Bousserez recalls. He bought one miniature, created the setting and took a picture of the scene; he then tried to change the setting with everyday objects. 'The series started like this, it was just a game,' Bousserez recalls.

Using macro photography, he subverts the order of the world. Tiny people are dominated by the surrounding world of lifeless giant objects. Yet, they can also relate to each other in originally unexpected ways.

Photos courtesy Vincent Bousserez.