What will our increasingly mediated society look like in 50 years? In line with its mission to mix art and technology, Paris-based cultural hub La Gaîté Lyrique invited 10 artists and designers to try and answer this question for the 2062 exhibition.

Of the many ironic and dystopic projects on show, Pleix’s installation stood out; it effectively rendered solitary immersion into an increasingly screen-ridden life. The French collective coupled chairs and monitors by wrapping them in the same semi-transparent fabric, lit from the inside in a mysterious glow. The resulting cocoons were domestic mini-environments for single and multiple individuals, even children playing with their toys.

With the accelerating pace at which technology is altering our social behaviour, Pleix’s vision – perhaps a bit romantic and old-fashioned - might never become a reality, but it stood out as an elegant metaphor of the direction our lives are already taking.

Part of the exhibition will be in Amsterdam for the Cinekid festival in mid-October; most of the installtions will be shown at MU Gallery in Eindhoven from 9 November until mid-January.

Photos courtesy Pleix.