Paris' Galerie Michel Rein is presenting Polonia and..., an exhibition of works from Allan Sekula's series Polonia and other fables.

Over three years, Sekula has taken upwards of 40 photographs and created texts for them. The series focuses on Polish communities, particularly documenting social situations in Poland and Chicago.

The incursion into this specific yet global context highlights social contradictions brought about by global capitalism. Poland is the country in which Sekula has his roots and – as part of the ex-communist block – is a nation where the implications of integrating into global economics are multifaceted and contradictory.

In his usual style, Sekula opts for disparate, subtle subjects and a visual language far from the rhetoric of social photography. As an integral part of his work, Skeula has written texts for each photograph, convinced that the documentary image has its own limits within a critical practice.

The exhibition will be open until 14 January, 2012.

Images courtesy Allan Sekula and Galerie Michel Rein, Paris. Installation shots by Kleinefenn.