ALICANTE – Instead of designing a house with a pool, Spanish architect Joaquin Alvado Bañón designed a pool, then pushed a single family home in Alicante, in eastern Spain, around it.

The orange-tiled pool cuts through the centre of the house, sinking into ground level. Surrounding the water, different volumes sit on top of each other, creating spaces which intersect and overlook the outdoor area. Open plan living sanctions a dissolved boundary – creating fluid transitions between inside and outside.

The main body of the house is constructed from concrete, glass and steel. Raw finishes create an industrial-feel. Corrugated steel marks internal walls, floors and internal stairways, whilst glass openings emphasize the layered materiality and circulation.

The ‘Y’ bridge, as architect Joaquin Alvado Bañón describes it, joins parts of the house and connects the pool area to walkways. Ramped steel connects the different volumes further.

‘We worked with atmospheres... we sought surroundings, environments, experiences. Coming in and out, waking up in the morning, night time, eating, bathing, occurs inside and outside - between the built area and the exterior’, says Bañón.

Photos courtesy of David Frutos