Linear cubic windows contrast the fluidity of flowing water at a new swimming pool and spa in Majorca, Spain.

The spaces have been recently added to the Hotel Castell dels Hams, a popular resort which opened in 1967. Spanish studio A2arquitectos was commissioned to replace the cover of an existing heated pool and add a new spa next to it, while making better use of unused spaces in between.

‘During development the project was split into two independent zones, each designed
to suit its own specific purpose,’ says architect Juan Manzanares Suárez. Beyond the hotel lobby, the space is split with the spa to one side and pool to the other.

The new pool shelter is punctuated with square openings, allowing natural light to flood inside. The architects’ design scheme also makes use of the hotel’s sunniest façade.

Photos courtesy Laura Torres Roa and Antonio Benito Amengual.

Hotel Castell dels Hams
Crta. Manacor
Porto Cristo Km. 10
Porto Cristo, Majorca