Attention all late-Gen X’ers and early-millennials: there’s now a restaurant that’s a ticket back to adolescence. Its name is Biggy, and you can find it in the Polish city of Wrocław. Created by Buck.Studio – a local multidisciplinary practice specializing in hospitality and retail interior design – the comfort-food eatery is what the designers call a ‘full immersion into 1990s American street-life culture’.

From fashion to music to movies and television, modern culture is swinging back to the decade in a big way. Spatial design can – and is – helping companies, retailers and restauranteurs cash into this ongoing, profitable wave of nostalgia. Biggy is just one case in point. Its interiors definitely file under ‘90s revival’, but Buck.Studio took a visual approach that gives the restaurant a contemporary edge for the enjoyment of all.

The 165-sq-m space is an explosion of primary colours, which, in combination with a rigid grid of steel mesh frames and wall tile patterning, give off a 4D-effect. Intimate two-person tables set along shared sofas and benches with bar stools can accommodate 70 guests. The team explains that this arrangement ‘emphasizes the casual, liberal atmosphere of the place’. A scrolling-text sign and vintage video game machine and graffiti-like neon signage by designer Łukasz Wojciechowski – with humorous phrases such as ‘Legalize marinara’, ‘You wanna pizza me?’ and ‘Cheesus walks with me’ – round out the pizza parlour parallel.

We may never actually get the 90s back, but there’s clearly a lot of appeal for consumers in driving down memory lane every once and a while.