Despite being located in Granada, Spain, a hotel has remarkably British characteristics.

According to designers Michele Corbani and Andrea Spada of ILMIODESIGN, the space mixes English traits with an informal and colourful style that’s typical in Granada’s city centre.

Upon entering the Portago Urban hotel, guests will find themselves shaded under a ceiling of traditional English hats and a luggage room defined by stacks of vintage suitcases.

‘The bowler is not a simple hat anymore; it becomes an element that, when repeated thousands of times in an unpredictable way and at different heights, creates a moving and wrapping surface,’ Spada says.

On the ground floor are common areas including the reception, coffee bar and breakfast room. Three upper levels house 25 bedrooms and a rooftop platform panoramic terrace. White walls contrast brightly coloured InterfaceFLOR carpets, creating an optical break between the floor and the remainder of space.

Photos courtesy Alfonso Acedo.

Portago Urban Hotel 
Plaza Fortuny 6
18009 Granada