If a picture tells a thousand words, then comic books – with both pictures and words – are the highest form of narrative.

Prada brings these stories to life in its Men’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection, with hand-drawn graphic panels adorning belts and shirts. And like a certain foul-mouthed antihero recently played by Ryan Reynolds, the fourth wall gets broken by AMO and 2x4 for Prada, as audience members are placed literally inside the panels of a comic book.

A runway is a fashion story told in architectural space – and Prada tells this story within a story. Inside and out, structural elements of the building have been outlined and transformed into comic panel borders.

Within the space, fragments of seeming-simple yet evocative narratives cover every visible surface, but the minimal palette holds the interior in service to the clothes on stage, which is as it should be.

The black-edged architectural features serve as infrastructure to the story Prada is telling, a story where even the guests are characters. The audience area is sunken into the floor, physically embedding guests into the narrative.