Postdigital Artisans is an inspirational book – available to pre-order now – that focuses on a return to tactility, featuring contemporary artisans who craft objects by hand whilst embracing the digital age.

The 60 contemporary artists and designers featured have been selected by the author Jonathan Openshaw, who has written extensively on the impact of digital technology on the creative industries. 'As digital files are fast becoming our primary experience of visual culture, these conventions and restrictions are playing a formative role in our experience of the world,' he comments. 'The digital screen is just the tip of the iceberg that is digital media, with the true force lying deep beneath the surface.'

Inescapably influenced by the digital world, the 'digital artisans' showcased in the book nonetheless reject strictly screen-based design and total reliance on automated production, instead advocating a return to craft. Neither turning their backs on technology nor glorifying nostalgia, they see materials as the heart of art, design, fashion and architecture.

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