The place of illustration in the art world is still ambiguous and not always fully recognized. But the work of Gabriella Barouch is proof of its highly valuable role within the visual arts.

In 2012, Israeli illustrator Gabriella Barouch received various awards as a recognition of her unique talent as an illustrator. Enamoured with vinyl and vintage toys, Paris, amusement parks and, of course, children's books, Barouch brings a poetic and delicate playfulness to her work. Her visual language is characterized by a light touch and elegantly nuanced colours. Her subjects often involve human beings and animals meeting within fantastic scenarios.

For one of her last projects, Her Jerusalem, Barouch wandered the streets of her city and captured on her sketchbook the personal feelings that certain locations evoke. The final outcome gained her the title of Artist of the Season for Jerusalem Season of Culture 2012.

All images courtesy of Gabriella Barouch.