Carmichael Gallery will be presenting the work of Emol, Stinkfish and Zio Ziegler in a group exhibition called Primeval this summer. This is a unique opportunity to see the work of these three street artists in a gallery setting.

Each artist is influenced by and builds upon the street life and traditions of their homelands – Emol from Brazil, Stinkifsh from Colombia and Zio Ziegler from California – to create murals and graffiti works that encompass and bring a colourful note to the landscape.

Emol's work has a strong connection with the past and his heritage, which are reflected in his choice of bold colours and symbolism. Stinkfish, who frequently uses larger than life faces in his work, covers them with indigenous tattoos creating a powerful contrast between the old and the new. In Zio Ziegler's murals we can find the vibrant colours and forms growing organically in a mixture of Baroque shapes  now influenced by the digital era.

Primeval runs until 1 September at Carmichael Gallery in Culver City, California.

Photos courtesy Carmichael Gallery.

Carmichael Gallery
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