ZIRL – Nestled at the base of the Austrian Alps, a school, multipurpose hall and research facility is a chameleon that morphs with its surroundings.

The structure was realized by Innsbruck-based LAAC Architekten, which won a competition in 2008 to realize the design. The building’s roof ascends in a southerly direction, its gently slope covered with greenery to blend with nature. The roof extends between existing school buildings; below the green lies a new primary school and kindergarten.

‘The visible cubature of the building is minimized, the spatial design forms part of the landscape,’ says architect Frank Ludin of LAAC Architekten. ‘The whole of the green is retained, only the contour lines are redrawn.’

The structure is divided into various sections; the school connects to a gym by an underground path. The basement contains a rehearsal room and ramp for the delivery of instruments and gym apparatus. The building has three levels in total – the basement, ground floor and roof – which are arranged to be flexible in meeting program requirements.

Photos courtesy of Günter Richard Wett