BOGOTA – Inside the visually dynamic Omega Block building in Bogota – a complex made up of three buildings designed by Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos that currently houses the Colegio Anglo Colombiano – children learn by doing. Now, encouraged by the interior architects at Bogotá-based AEI, kids can interact often and energetically with their surroundings. AEI paired ‘comfort areas with dynamic spaces’ in order to form environments that can be adapted for study, play or both simultaneously.

Geometry and bright colours – AEI chose blue, green, yellow and red – animate both types of space. Generous geometric cutouts embellish one side of the main staircase, and hexagonal niches slotted into cushioned walls are ideal for reading. The cushions can be removed from their slots and used as seating or as big blocks for building freestanding sculptures before being reinserted into the jigsaw-like walls. Elsewhere, ceiling-mounted whiteboards in the shape of trees allow pupils not only to draw and paint on their surfaces, but also to frolic in the kinetic forest around them. In the library, a number of gabled structures – abstracted houses – can be moved around to create intimate areas within the open plan of the large, double-height room. 

Photos Juan Fernando Castro