As they prepare for tonight's Food Experience at Frame Store Amsterdam, Marjolein Wintjes and Eric Meursing of De Culinaire Werkplaats take a pause to share about their approach to food design as well as the interactive events to consume their creations:

When did you first conceive of this type of interactive dinner experience?
Marjolein Wintjes: We have been already creating interactive dinner experiences, eat'inspirations, eat'impressions for about 5-7 years now. In many different ways. Sometimes we create an experience box, sometimes we create installations, sometimes it is part of a performance, sometimes in a restaurant setting, sometimes by creating an exhibition, etc. During the last 3years, we are invited more and more in the Netherlands and over the borders to create all kinds of food experiences.

With our work and projects, we like to inspire people to think in a very playful way about the future and the dinner plate of the future in particular. By creating active settings and using food as communication medium, we trigger spontaneous dialogues about food or other matters. Themes we translate into food can be anything: a colour, or something abstract like emotions, or like now 'life events'. Each theme triggers different reactions.

Will you use food to specifically tap into individual’s memories?
We will not try to specifically tap into an individual's memories. This will happen as a natural (side)effect of the act of eating. Eating connects people. Eating is emotion. Food and eating can be interpreted as a portion of edible memories, and by eating we create new memories. For example: imagine you are walking, you smell the scent of apple pie, and suddenly you picture yourself sitting at the kitchen table in your mother's kitchen...

How will the mementos of visitors be integrated into their experience?
It is voluntary to bring a memento. It will be positioned so it will trigger questions and/or stories in a natural way. With the mementos and some other ingredients, we will try to capture the moment, that specific group of people, and create a temporary piece of art. By inviting people to bring a memento, they are already involved in the experience before it starts.

Is the eating experience best experienced alone, in a pair or in a group?
There are five stories about the highlights of life inspired by the works of Anna Lomax and her project 'Event Now' in particular. I think it depends on what you prefer as a person (alone, in a pair, or ...). You can experience it alone without interacting with the group, you can experience it in a pair without interacting with the other participants. In one of the five experiences, people have to work together and/or help each other. This is because this is part of the story about this highlight in life.

How will Anna Lomax’s installation influence the food and the spatial experience?
We have studied her projects and we will use aspects of her work that connect her individual works. So the colours, shapes, props, her ideas about 'events' that are the input for the cover of Frame 102, etc. we used as input. For the presentation of the food and/or in the shape or colour of the food. In her project 'Events Now' she distinguishes two big events: life and death, and she celebrates life. This made us decide to translate five big moments of life, which are applicable on your personal life or on a business/brand, into food.

Her works make us smile, so we hope that the five experiences will put a smile on the faces of our guests and also trigger some thoughts about their personal big moments in life.

Join us tonight at 19:00 for Food Experience at Frame Store Amsterdam! 50 euro per person including a welcome bite and cocktail. Tickets can be purchased at the door for guests whom live spontaneously, or you can make a reservation via Eventbrite:

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