At What Design Can Do in Amsterdam (16 & 17 May 2013), British creatives Pete Hellicar and Joel Gethin Lewis will talk about their work mixing the worlds of art, technology and design to both social and commercial ends. Last year Hellicar & Lewis made The Hello Cube, a digital artwork for the Tate; one of many interactive installations by the pair that become animated by sound, movement or even a Twitter message.

What Design Can Do is annual event, started by Richard van der Laken in 2011. It brings together inspiring people from a mix of disciplines to think about design with a wider purpose.

How did you become involved with What Design Can Do?
Richard saw us speak somewhere else and came to visit our studio. He showed us what WDCD was all about while we drank tea and ate cake.

What recent projects will you show that reflect the philosophy of What Design Can Do?
I am sure we'll be discussing Somantics, our work making open source software for children on the autistic spectrum, as well as some of our art or commercial projects – and how they all feed back into each other.

What’s the key message that you want to get across as a speaker?
Tell the truth. Truth is the killer app.

Tell us about a project that has had a successful influence beyond design.
Somantics! It's been amazing to be able to work with a larger team to make a creative outlet for young people with autism.

As a designer, which other discipline would you most like to  team up with for a project?
We've worked with dancers a few times before, which is always rewarding – a completely different set of skills. We'd like to work with materials scientists to make renewable power systems for our installations, as well as satellite engineers to work on the next in our ‘Hello’ series, ‘The Hello Satellite’.

Which of the other speakers are you most interested to hear from?
John Bielenberg as we'd love to hear what he has been up to since we last met, especially how he is engaging the next generation of designers. Urban-think tank too, as we are fascinated by the way they transform urban space. We'd love to add interaction design to their projects!

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