To get insight into why students choose certain schools when embarking on their master's degree courses, we go inside the new Masterclass: Architecture,
Fashion & Textiles and Graphic Design
 books to compile a Q&A with a difference.

Frame's Masterclass series is steadily making a mark for itself, with each title featuring up to 30 graduate schools offering master's degree courses in a certain subject area. One of the (many) great things about this book series is that readers get a sense of what life is really like at the featured schools and, to shed light on this, here we extract various Q&As that feature in the three new books – Masterclass: Architecture | Fashion&Textiles | Graphic Design – that are currently available in the pre-sale prior to their official release.

We interviewed numerous students about their time at the schools and we hope that we've covered all bases: the books answer many of the possible questions that future students might have. Plus, every article has an interview with a successful alumnus shedding further light on life at the school. A sneak preview of some of their pieces of advice to future students is also given below.


Why did you choose this school?
'For its variety of departments, which means a great deal of input from different minds, all in the same place.' Elodie Louzaoen (studied: fashion design at ENSAD, Paris, France)

What is your impression of the programme?
'I find the integration of electives and studio core courses a very good educational mix. Seminars help you achieve and fine-tune the techniques that you can then apply to bigger studio projects.' Stefano Passeri (studied: architecture at SCI-Arc, Los Angeles, United States) 

Any advice for those currently on the hunt for the right graduate school?
'Make sure you find a programme that allows you to explore what you're really interested in. Use your time in school to try out new ways of working and experiment with form.' Leigh Mignogna (studied: communications design at Pratt Institute, New York, United States)

What type of educational approach did you seek?
'IAAC is a school full of devoted people, who question the current role of the profession. The faculty educates students with the skills they need as they start their careers, all the time aiming to anticiapate what the role of the architect will be in the future.' Dori Sadan (studied: advanced architecture at IAAC, Barcelona, Spain)

Why did this school stand out to you?
'I was looking for a programme that would give me a comprehensive education in textiles, strengthen my fine art skills, and prepare me to enter the world as a textile designer. RISD's programme serves all these areas tremendously well.' Allison Stocco (studied: textiles at Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, United States)

Any pointers for selecting a school for your master's degree?
'When deciding on a master's course, I think it's important to find one that offers the time, space and support for reflection on the subject through practice and exposure to different approaches.' Ilke Gers (studied: typographry at ArtEZ Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem, the Netherlands)

What was the part of the course that you found most valuable?
'I learnt a lot from all the guest speakers. It is amazing to meet such successful people who are working with sustainability from different perspectives.' Maya Lara Garcia Leal (studied: sustainability in fashion at ESMOD Berlin, Germany)

Any particular reason why you chose this school?
'I liked the idea of living in Tokyo. The school's international programme with a focus on digital fabrication suited me, since I'm interested in mathematical applications in architecture.' Maria Larsson (studied: architecture and urban design at University of Tokyo, Japan)

What can future students expect of this course?
'Future students will benefit from the depth of knowledge that the staff – as well as your peers – bring to this course. It is a specialised institute, so I love the fact that we can all communicate well when it comes to talking about art and design.' Nauman Abdul Hafeez (studied: graphic design at Arts University Bournemouth, United Kingdom)


Advice for future students from alumni:

  • 'Don't limit yourself and don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone in order to achieve something amazing' (Maj Plemenitas, architecture alumnus, Bartlett School of Architecture, United Kingdom)
  • 'Stay grounded in your disciplin but stay curious, respectful and learn to stretch to other related disciplines as well. While this depth and breadth balance is critical, it is also important not to spread yourself too thin amongst too many areas of interest.' (Danny Stillion, graphic design alumnus, NC State Unviersity College of Design, United States)
  • 'Don't try to do everything by yourself. Ask for help from other students or professionals to handle tasks outside your area of skill. And don't be afraid to experiment and try out your crazy ideas!' (Marthe Næstby, fashion and costume design alumna, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway)


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