The denim research and development studio for Vigoss Jeans and Bulur Textiles escapes the centrifugal force of Istanbul’s typical contemporary interior design (handsome but too often repeated). In the best sense, the studio resembles a bunker, with all its functional economy. This industrial sensibility suits both its use, as a jeans and fashion atelier, and its context, an 8000-m2 brand headquarters amidst warehouses and production facilities in Güneşli Kavşağı, some 30 km from central Istanbul. Architects from the Zemberek Design Office – Başak Emrence, Şafak Emrence and Ece Ilgın Avcı – made sure the project works the way it looks: R & D in the middle is belted by workspace, and the results (jeans and other garments) line the perimeter walls. Essentially, Zemberek replaced the standard vertical partitioning of such a studio with horizontal steps, generously opening sightlines and improving overall vision. ‘Instead of defining the locations of each activity – sitting, working while in motion, leaning, meeting, accessing hangers, and observing products from different distances – we wanted to create a sense of freedom,’ says Zemberek partner Başak Emrence. ‘Our design is intended to increase and diversify the ways in which employees can interact with each other and with the space itself.’

Photos Şafak Emrence