Random Studio's new office captures the company's ethos of using technology to enhance the natural world through interventions that lend the space a laid-back, organic feeling.

Key features

After moving to a new office space in the west of Amsterdam, design studio Random Studio commissioned its fellow Amsterdammers at X+L Architects to imagine a workspace that fosters a connection between people and their physical surroundings without losing touch with the brand’s ‘rich digital culture.’ The current office builds upon the design concept of Random’s first studio – also by X+L – which is described as DIY, flexible and ever-evolving. 'The new space which has a certain maturity to it that responds to how the studio has grown up,’ says Leon van Boxtel of X+L. A pared-back, organic feeling throughout the studio was achieved through the use of a neutral colour palette, lush greenery and materials like wood, concrete and metal. 

The office is centred around its canteen, a social space where people can eat, meet and socialize. Here, a cinema space for holding presentations and gatherings is found. A 750-sq-m general studio space hosts co-working spaces for rent as well as work spots for Random’s employees. A gallery space for hosting in-house or invited artists contributes another aspect of porosity to the office. 

Close attention was paid to how environmental factors can be harnessed to create a dynamic environment that captures certain moods and fosters wellbeing.=. A ‘tech theatre’ was installed throughout the office to allow control over light, temperature, sound, smell and other elements. A light installation made by artist Arnout Meijer reflects the behaviour of the sky, changing with the movement of the sun and weather. Meanwhile, a300-sq-m rooftop garden provides natural insulation and helps to retain rainwater. 

Frame’s take

‘Our work as a studio tries to bring people back to the real world – not by removing technology from life, but by embedding it in the realm of the senses to spark connections with our real-world surroundings,’ the Random Studio team explains. As a practice linked so closely with the digital world, its ethos is to use technology in a way that enhances the natural world, a mission precisely captured by X+L. Instead of opting for an overtly techy space, a more subtle yet equally complex space was developed. Technology is used to bring employees closer to their exterior surroundings and to foster wellbeing through intuitive interventions.