Frame creates a special brand asset for ING with Re: Society – 40 Years of ING Engaging with the Arts, celebrating the Dutch banking group’s connection and contributions to the arts over the years.

Re: Society brings ING’s vast art collection into the spotlight, introducing a new perspective on the conglomerate to the creative community Frame has fostered since its inception. Providing bespoke articles, design services, project management, print, and distribution, Frame reinforces ING’s values of social involvement by highlighting their investment in art in culture over the years.

The Challenge

ING wanted to gain a multidimensional brand identity and position itself as a contributor to the community through supporting artistic endeavours. However, as a bank they lacked the reach to the appropriate audience: Frame represented a trusted partner in translating their investments into increased brand value.

The Solution

Leveraging the position of authority and dedicated audience Frame has established over 20 years, Frame Studio delivered a quality print publication in addition to added brand value and a broadened customer base. Composed of ten different themes, Re: Society takes a broad look at the role ING has played as a patron of the arts. Published in Dutch and English versions, the book serves as inspiration and a reference point for creatives worldwide, tapping into the international creative network and more closely engaging the brand with society.





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