In the Sep/Oct issue of Frame we talk to Sol Butt, manager of Nudie Jeans London, about the brand’s Repair Station, a concept that promotes repeat business. 

What happens at the Nudie Repair Station?
Sol Butt: Our intention was to expand the life span of one pair of jeans. As an eco-friendly brand, we try to avoid disposable fashion; the Repair Station is a small step in the right direction. It also builds trust, since customers know we’ll take care of them – and not just at the point of sale. Anyone can come back with their Nudies at any time, regardless of where they were purchased, and we’ll fix them for free.

How does it work in conjunction with new merchandise?
We hope that both the reparation service and new stock will appeal to all. Most people have more than one pair of jeans. We value returning customers and therefore offer a discount on new merchandise if you trade in an old pair of Nudie Jeans.

Why do you think the concept will suit today’s consumers?
A few years ago, people on a tight budget wanted to fill a bag with as many low-quality items as they could. Times have changed, and consumers are now willing to pay for quality products. Our clientele doesn’t shop on the high street; these are people who want to know exactly what they’re buying. The repair service is new, but it’s part of the company’s direction. We don’t cut corners to make things easier for ourselves.

Read the full article in Frame 94, due out 1 September.

Photos Eddie Löthman (Nudie)