Last month, a new clubhouse opened 28-storeys above the densely-populated district of Mongkok. Known for its high concentration of bars, clubs and restaurants, buildings in the area often combine hospitality with residential living and incorporate housing above shopping units. Amsterdam-based architect Concrete has turned the status quo upside-down with the completion of Skypark. The project comprises a bar, library, swimming pool, gym, art gallery and roof terrace on top of a high-rise residential tower in central Hong Kong.

‘Mongkok is crowded and has narrow streets. Where space is limited, we created a place for residents to escape the chaos and to truly connect,’ says founder Rob Wagemans. ‘We wanted to offer a special experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the district. From the roof, there is a stunning view and an oasis of green that gives you the feeling that you have escaped the city.’

The project’s dominating design feature is the four extruded blocks – clad in travertine limestone – that protrude from the clubhouse to the landscaped roof. The pavilions incorporate the undesirable back-of-house facilities, as well as staircases, lifts and restrooms. Positioned at intervals throughout the space, the structures break up the open-plan layout to create divisions between facilities without the need for unsightly partition walls.

The two hospitality levels are also connected via a grand staircase that traverses the site’s perimeter. Narrow risers and elongated treads create the perception of high-class grandeur, which is further accentuated by the intimate seating casually strewn up and down the flight, offering the building’s residents an inspiring view of the Hong Kong skyline without the stress and mayhem of wandering its busy streets.

Plan – Level 28
Location 17 Nelson Street, Hong Kong, China