Throwing out rustic charm for contemporary luxury, today’s dining spots lure in guests with sleek surfaces and a serve of finesse. Take a look at Frameweb’s most-viewed restaurants in 2016.

1. El Equipo Creativo – OneOcean Club

BARCELONA – El Equipo Creativo captures the essence of both food and place for OneOcean Club. The mirrored ceiling and glass façade, for instance, illustrate the surrounding watery scenes at Port Vell marina.

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2. Collidanielarchitetto – Vyta Santa Margherita

FLORENCE – Daniela Colli converts the 1930s rationalist architecture of a waiting room in the Santa Maria Novella railway station into an elegant espresso bar. The addition of antique materials polished to finesse lavishly encompass a dough kitchen.

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3. Luchetti Krelle – Hello Kitty Diner

SYDNEY – With the help of Hello Kitty’s cheeky energy, Luchetti Krelle refines the classic typology of a 1950s diner. Clashing patterns and ice-cream sundae colours capture the frivolity of the Japanese brand. The resulting dining experience is relevant for a generation intrinsically linked to social media.

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4. Mathieu Lehanneur – Noglu

PARIS – Established in gourmet gluten-free, restaurant chain Noglu handed the design of its latest outpost to frequent customer Mathieu Lehanneur. To position the brand among specialist fine-food stores, Lehanneur fuses indulgence with hominess. Marble and quartz add an air of luxury to the space while symbolizing the ‘purity’ of a gluten-free diet.

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5. Fabio Fantolini – Dash Kitchen

TURIN – The meeting of glossy metals and velvet converts a Turinese printing house into an interpretation of the dazzling 70s for Dash Kitchen. A play on the exuberant rhythm of sculpted armchairs continues to spread the era of disco.

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